Collagen Injections

A common problem many people face, especially women is the amount of pain in the bottom of their feet - specifically in the ball of the foot. Wearing improper shoes places the foot in an unnatural position, flexes the metatarsal heads and "shifts" the fat pad posterior causing discomfort under the ball of the foot. With constant pressure and wear, the fatpad of the foot diminishes over time causing pain. Collagen injections allows the area to be cushioned giving the ball of the foot relief when wearing heels. This is also a great solution for problem corns. When hard skin develops in concentrated areas, it begins to affect the deeper layers of skin. The collagen injection provides cushioning directly underneath the corn giving the patient instant relief.

Using local anesthetic, a local injection of collagen (Sculptra) is used to fill the underpad and create a layer of cushion comfort which directly targets the foot pain.